Grand Prix

-Grand Prix- 

The Grand Prix is a championship that lasts a week.   It is composed of five  different events, each event laid out on one specific day.

  • Monday:       Cross Country
  • Tuesday:       Trot Race
  • Wednesday: Show Jumping
  • Thursday:     Dressage
  • Friday:           Gallop Race

One competition lasts 10 hours in your horse’s day and consumes 99% of his energy.

 Each participant may enter 2 horses in each event.

Ranking is done each day:

  • For the winner:                                3 passes + 0.5 point of GP on the the horse
  • From 2nd to 5th runner up:       0.4 to 0.1 point of GP
  • For the 100 first:                              2000 Equus
  • For all the participants:                 1000 equus

At the end of the five events, on Saturday, a Grand Prix weekly ranking is displayed.   Only the best performance on each event are counted.  To be ranked you must have participated in all five daily events.    Sunday there are no events.

Following the weekly Grand Prix ranking:

  • The 10 best get an award on their profile page
  • The 100 best win access to the Fountain, who replaces the drinking trough and triples the gains in energy and morale!


-Grand Prix Horn of Plenty Bonuses-

  • Tranquility of the Breeze – Reduces lenght of Grand Prix event from 10 hours to 3 hours!


  • Energy of the Thunderstorm – Reduces Grand Prix energy cost from 99 percent to 55 percent!


  • Strength of the Typhoon – Doubles the Gain of Contestents from Events!


  • Effect of the Torando – Register four horses per day, instead of just two!


  • Appearance of the Hurricane – +9 Gallop, Trot and Jump for Grand Prix!


  • Power of the Storm – +9 Stamina, Speed and Dressage for Grand Prix!


  • Bonus Monsoon – Doubles bonuses of Storm and Hurricane!

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